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Third physical consortium meeting of the knowlEdge project, Espoo, Finland

The third physical meeting of the knowlEdge project consortium was held from May 3 to May 5, 2023. The event was hosted by the coordinating project partner VTT, and saw technical work package leaders presenting the project progress, achievements to date, and to-do lists.

The consortium provided a comprehensive status overview of the various components that make up the knowlEdge platform, including steps completed. The workflow, architecture and next steps of development of each component were also put under discussion.

The meeting also focused on the pilot implementations. Checkpoints and planning for the deployment of functionalities were covered, and roadmaps were developed for the coming months up to the finalisation of the project.

The consortium meeting concluded with a review of the project’s standardisation efforts and current work on results dissemination. The meeting ensured that the expectations and timeline of the project are met, and that the project is producing the envisioned impact.