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Meet the people behind knowlEdge: Edoardo Pristeri

What is your personal background?

I am originally from Italy and grew up in Torino where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Torino in March 2018, followed by my Master of Science in ICT for Smart Societies from the same university in December 2019. Since then, I have been working as a Researcher at the LINKS Foundation in the Connected Systems and Cybersecurity department where I contributed to several projects, European funded and regional, with a focus on projects innovating in the industrial production field.

What is your organization’s role in knowlEdge?

LINKS role in knowlEdge is that of a research partner and technology provider. Specifically, we are contributing to the project by developing a component focused on ensuring that the data in knowlEdge has high and consistent quality level, an AI model Orchestrator, and a Monitoring infrastructure across different environments. In addition to this, we are also contributing to the development of AI solutions for the project’s industrial partners.

What fascinates you about Artificial Intelligence for manufacturing?

I am fascinated by the potential of AI for manufacturing because it can increase the speed at which we improve the way we design, produce, and operate manufacturing systems. I believe that AI should focus on enabling more sustainable manufacturing processes to tackle the climate crisis and ensure the energy independence of European industry. I am confident that knowlEdge can make a significant contribution to promoting sustainable AI and I look forward to continuing to contribute to its development.

What are your expectations in knowlEdge?

My expectations in knowlEdge are high. Since I am part of the knowlEdge development team, I have good reasons to believe that the project can significantly impact the field of industrial AI by contributing to removing the friction in the adoption of AI in the manufacturing process. LINKS components in knowlEdge will allow for the simple, efficient and roust deployment of AI models in real-world industrial settings, enabling companies leverage the benefits of AI. Additionally, the monitoring infrastructure developed by LINKS in knowlEdge will help ensure that the deployed models provide useful insights into potential issues before they become critical.

Which target groups can benefit from knowlEdge?

knowlEdge is designed to benefit a wide range of target user groups that utilize AI models in their day-to-day operations in the manufacturing process. Specifically, knowlEdge can benefit businesses that deploy AI models for their products or services, as it provides an infrastructure for moving these models across different environments in a standardized and secure way. KnowlEdge can benefit business analysts and shopfloor operators by providing them with access to AI models and the ability to monitor their performance. Business analysts can use the platform to analyze data and create AI models to optimize production processes and make better decisions. Shopfloor operators can use AI models to improve quality control, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

What is your vision beyond knowlEdge?

My vision beyond knowlEdge is to explore how AI can be used in combination with other technologies in the manufacturing sector, such as the blockchain, collaborative robots and the Industrial Internet of Things, to create even more powerful solutions across the supply chain. I intend in fact to contribute to the development of AI solutions in other projects that will aim to further improve the production process while also ensuring that these solutions are developed in a responsible and ethical manner.