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Meet the people behind knowlEdge: Alexandros Nizamis

What is your personal background?

I received a Diploma in Computer Science and a M.Sc. in Computer Science & Telecommunications from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Thessaly, Greece.

I am currently a senior research associate in Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). In this role, I have focused on research related to Industries 4.0/5.0, smart manufacturing, and Data Spaces.

What is your organization’s role in knowlEdge?

CERTH is leading the activities for the development and delivery of an AI-Driven Decision Support Framework for Industry 4.0. Moreover, CERTH is developing a decentralized Marketplace for trading AI Models related to smart manufacturing. It also leads the Data Management activities of the knowlEdge project. Finally, CERTH contributes to the development of AI model, supports pilot activities, and promotes scientific dissemination of the project.

What fascinates you about Artificial Intelligence for manufacturing?

The way that AI has transformed various industrial processes and has created autonomous and self-learned factories. AI has enabled industries to significantly improve and optimize the production procedures by fully exploiting IoT capabilities and available data.

It is very impressive that nowadays AI is part of everyday operation in factories as it is used from product design to production monitoring and forecasting, to maintenance activities, to sales management and forecasting, and even to afterlife management of a product.

What are your expectations in knowlEdge?

I expect that as a project, we will deliver significant results related to research in the fields of AI and smart manufacturing and will develop a cloud-edge platform that is going to further promote the digitization and automation of industrial environments. Furthermore, I expect that we will be able to boost the adoption of AI in production processes and create operational tools that will be used from project’s pilot partners in real world scenarios to support activities related to production scheduling, defect detection and real-time anomaly detection.

Which target groups can benefit from knowlEdge?

knowlEdge can support a wide variety of target groups including large enterprises and SMEs related to manufacturing domain. Moreover, the cloud-edge pipeline of the project can target to system integrators and ICT companies in journal. The developed AI models & algorithms and the AI Models Marketplace that will be developed in the project can support AI developers and analysts as well.

What is your vision beyond knowlEdge?

My vision beyond knowlEdge project is to explore how the project findings related to cloud-edge technologies and AI can be used and extended in order to support the realization of some Cognitive Compute Continuums capable to optimize the resources’ allocation, orchestration and deployment eyeing the maximization of performance and minimization of energy consumption at the same time.