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The following table gives an overview of all the deliverables of the knowlEdge project. Public deliverables, which are officially approved by the European Commision, are offered to be downloaded.

IDDeliverable NameConfidentialityDue MonthWork Package
D1.1Project ManualPublic2WP1
D1.2Data Management PlanPublic6WP1
D1.3Technical ReviewPublic9WP1
D2.1User Need Specification and Scenario DefinitionPublic5WP2
D2.2Evolutionary Requirement Engineering and InnovationsPublic6WP2
D2.3Market Radar and Technology AdaptationsPublic6WP2
D2.4Vision, Specifications and System ArchitecturePublic6WP2
D3.1Initial Site-Wide Data Collection and Integration ToolkitPublic9WP3
D3.2Final Site-Wide Data Collection and Integration ToolkitPublic28WP3
D3.3Initial Data Management and Data Quality ModulesPublic12WP3
D3.4Final Data Management and Data Quality ModulesPublic32WP3
D3.5Initial Site-wide Data Storage and Governance SuitPublic10WP3
D3.6Final Site-wide Data Storage and Governance SuitPublic28WP3
D4.1(Semi-) Automatic Knowledge Discovery for AI Model GenerationPublic20WP4
D4.2Generalized Automated Learning for Industrial EnvironmentsPublic30WP4
D4.3Bootstrapping on AI ModelsPublic30WP4
D4.4Edge AI Learning Pipeline OrchestrationPublic30WP4
D5.1AI model DescriptionPublic30WP5
D5.2Initial Description of KnowlEdge RepositoryPublic18WP5
D5.3Final Description of KnowlEdge RepositoryPublic30WP5
D5.4Initial KnowlEdge Marketplace PlatformPublic18WP5
D5.5Final knowlEdge Marketplace PlatformPublic30WP5
D6.1Collaborative Digital Twins for Verifiable and Integrative AIConfidential24WP6
D6.2Development of Digital TwinsConfidential33WP6
D6.3Initial Communication and Security FrameworkConfidential18WP6
D6.4Final Communication and Security FrameworkConfidential33WP6
D6.5Initial Provisioning and Deployment Management ToolPublic18WP6
D6.6Final Provisioning and Deployment Management ToolPublic33WP6
D6.7Initial Integrated KnowlEdge PlatformConfidential18WP6
D6.8Final Integrated KnowlEdge PlatformConfidential33WP6
D7.1Human-AI Collaboration and Domain Knowledge FusionPublic30WP7
D7.2Initial Explainable Mechanisms DFSPublic18WP7
D7.3Final Decision Support FrameworkPublic30WP7
D7.4Initial User-Centric Dashboards as Enable Explainable AIPublic18WP7
D7.5Final User-Centric Dashboards as Enable Explainable AIPublic30WP7
D8.1Pilot Evaluation Methodology and Implementation PlanPublic12WP8
D8.2Final evaluation KPIsPublic18WP8
D8.3Pilot #1: Parmalat, Milk IndustryPublic21WP8
D8.4Pilot #2: K-T, Plastic Parts for Car IndustryPublic21WP8
D8.5Pilot #3: Bonfiglioli, Gear Machines for Industrial ApplicationsPublic21WP8
D8.6Evaluation Results and KPI assessmentPublic35WP8
D9.1Dissemination Roadmap & ActivitiesPublic6WP9
D9.2Initial knowlEdge WebsitePublic4WP9
D9.3Initial Business Models and RequirementsPublic16WP9
D9.4Final Business Models and RequirementsPublic32WP9
D9.5Exploitation Strategy & IPR ManagementPublic6WP9
D9.6Report on the Contribution of StandardizationPublic32WP9
D9.7Training, Workshops, and SeminarsPublic32WP9
D9.8Full knowlEdge WebsitePublic9WP9
D9.9First Report on DisseminationPublic18WP9
D9.10Last Report on Dissemination Activities Public36WP9
D9.11Update on Exploitation Strategy & IPR Management Public36WP9
Overview of all Deliverables of the knowlEdge Project