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Deep Dive into our Industrial Scenarios

Over the past few weeks, we held three workshops to get to know the individual requirements and user needs of our industrial partners in detail. Our industrial partners meticulously guided all technology partners through the relevant steps of the current state of success-critical processes and outlined their future AI-based enhancements to them.

We envision six fundamental types of AI-based enhancements, which will be developed throughout the knowlEdge project:

  • Product Quality: Predictive quality control and Continuous AI-based inspection/analysis in collaboration with humans
  • Process Quality: Digital Twin, i.e. Simulation of physical world with integrated AI, as well as Continuous and intelligent process optimization with AI models
  • Process Process Planning & Scheduling: Dynamic and real-time process Planning using AI-based multi-criteria optimization techniques and Adaptive Scheduling
  • Flexibility of manufacturing industries towards a rapidly changing market: Employing agile processes, fostering reusability of knowledge and AI models, and transparent sharing of proven models via interoperable standards.
  • Human – Machine interaction: Explainable AI enabling non-experts to use AI tools, and dynamic task allocations between AI tools & humans.
  • Data & Intelligent technologies: Smart and frugal AI algorithms, distributed computing model, and deployment of AI models alongside the Cloud-Edge continuum.