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AI-Driven Manufacturing Processes in the knowlEdge Project

Stefan Walter (VTT) — our project leader — gave a presentation on “AI driven manufacturing processes in the knowlEdge project: relations to supply chains” at the ALICE seminar on “Artificial Intelligence in planning, simulation and forecasting”. The seminar took place on 26.10.2021 and was organized by ALICE, a European Technology Platform to develop a strategy for research, innovation and market deployment of logistics and supply chain innovations. Earlier this year, ALICE launched the Artificial Intelligence for Logistics Applications group as part of its Systems and Technologies for Interconnected Logistics Thematic Group.

Walter points out that while the knowlEdge project has its focus on manufacturing processes, the project nevertheless implicitly enhances efficiency and increases the responsiveness within supply networks. knowlEdge advances AI solutions to make better use of available data, increase quality and optimizes production. In this way, manufacturing influences supply chain activities and effects logistics resources planning significantly.

Supply chains generally involve multiple challenges, such as integration with legacy systems, data quality and integrity, real-time data processing and decision making, scalable solutions and explainability. He adds that by looking at supply chain relationships, we showed that the knowlEdge architecture can meet these specific requirements and is therefore suitable for logistics and supply chain applications.